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MaY - Media and Youth is a non  -governmental not - for - profit organisation. MaY Global is registered as a Foundation in Warsaw, Poland. Powered by MaY International.

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Become our partner. Work with us and develop our goals in the framework of strategic partnerships. It is simple - MaY + Your Organization.

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World Youth Organisation for
Leadership and Dialogue

MaY is an international organization run by youth for youth, aiming to develop responsible leadership, dialogue and positive communication with no borders. Focused on making a change, we value great skills, outstanding passions and unmeasured potential of young people, which is why we connect them across the world.

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How we do what we do?

Our main projects have unlimited possibilities!

Community of young people who work in the Media department. They make sure to pass only the interesting, valuable and important information about events and initiatives that aim to develop dialogue and communication.


Community of young people who work in projects - manage and organize events, conferences, trainings, deliver promotional campaigns and activate their closest society.

One of our core programs connects with establishing strategic partnerships. We aim to build culture of colaboration between organizations, companies and education institutions. Thanks to co-creation of common projects we strive for fostering even broader and dynamic development of our organization.

Are you doing projects for the youth? Do you need a partner? Write to Us!

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Our hashtags: #mayorg #maymakers #maymaking #mediaandyouth

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