What we offer for You?

Trust Me I’m a MaYmaker

Be a member of the community of the future leaders from the entire world.


Work recommendations, a better start in a new job, opportunities of being qualified for an internships, possibility of executing internships, waged and non-voluntary work practice or even being hired by our partners.

Skills / Experience

Practical skills and experience in PM, FR, PR, HR, IT, Graphic Design, Journalism and many more.


Press card and possibility to run for accretidations, interview with famous people. Due to being involved in the organisation you have the opportunity to try your hand also at media, even though you may be responsible for managing the projects.

Travels & Workshops

Local points of activity. We form and develop teams on Universities and Schools – high schools and middle schools.


Participation in the national and international events, possibility to take the floor during debated, discussions with the representatives from different companies and organizations.


Meet an amazing people from the entire world. Build an amazing network and maybe you will meet an amazing relationships.


Train your language skills with people from the entire the world. Develop languages you learn in practice.


We are able to change the world, because we belive that One man can change the World.