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In which language do I fill the applications?

List of countries in which we recruit in national languages:

Poland, Slovakia, Georgia,

We conduct recruitment in english language to countries which they are not on the list.

I manage two subjects at university/ I have a job – does it make any sense to apply?

We know many people successfully handling studying two subjects, having a job and working in the organization. If your management skill in terms of time and duties is sufficient, we see no obstacles preventing you from applying to the organization.

Can overseas students join in the recruitment?

For International Students – Yes, the recruitment for overseas applicants is held then at …Check in there is a website for your country – apply there.

Who conducts the interview?

You are interviewed by the admissions committee or a leader from a local branch. The time of the interview does not exceed 15 mintues.

Is professional experience required?

Professional competence is not required. However, we value your extra activities (voluntary service, extracurricular classes). Given that we are looking for team players, any experience in this area will be your asset.

What is your measurement standard when you give my application form consideration?

When choosing candidates we prioritize primarily your willingness, ambition and level of motivation towards work.

Where is the interview with the admissions committee?

The interview is held in the locality placed in your neighbourhood by the use of Skype, Hangout or Facebook Videos. With candidates, who filled an application, we schedule the interview by calling or e-mailing them.

When will I get the results of my recruitment process?

Every person invited for an interview and given team tasks will be informed about the results by Internet. All rejected candidates will receive a short explanation of our decision based on the observation conducted during the interview.

Does the activity in MaY brings financial gratification?

No, it doesn’t. MaY Poland and MaY International are non-governmental organizations. MaY essentially stands for ex gratia activities for the sake of world and self – development. Members have a right to leave at any moment.