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If all collage or high school students would have the same ambition or becoming young leaders… or would have diverse and wide set of skills and right knowledge to realize projects… How do you think the world would look like? For us partnering with educational institutions is one of the biggest priorities.

We develop new technologies and opportunities for young people and create solutions for schools, universities, student governments, teachers and directors. We connect with them from anywhere in the world, from any device.


The biggest social platform for schools

We create teams directly in schools or universities, offering a social platform to develop students wherever they learn. We give the opportunity to cooperate between the universities and other schools, so students can develop even faster. Whether it’s a new project, internship opportunity, just an event or fundraising, MaY is your support to reach the right people.


The new understading of media

In MaY we designed a completely new way for the development of future journalists. Our media develop the opportunities for young people by offering them not only the space to practice or journalism workshops, but also the media education. Join us as a student or teacher and use or create with us our educational materials.


Connect with Others

Struggling with reaching the young target? Maybe looking for partners to projects from your or different countries? We are the place you are looking for. Consisted of active, dynamic and talented youth from all around the world, we will help you to reach the groups you need – much faster than anywhere else. Put your ad on our channels and enjoy watching the growth of revenue in your campaigns. More than that we care about our readers – we share ads with quality and standards.

See more opportunities?

Want to bring MaY to your school or university? Check the MaY Runner ,where you can learn more details.

Why should you work with us?

The power of youth network is incredible. Connect with young leaders from all around the world. Listen to our voice, share ideas and make the net grow bigger and bigger.

We can organize workshops for your students. MaYmakers will inspire them on how to achieve their goals and how to organize successful and meaningful projects – from the first idea to the execution day.
Feel like starting a MaY unit in your school? There is no bigger joy for us to help you do so. We can gather students who are willing to start their journalism career and teach them how to write, report and publish valuable materials. Creating a school magazine has never been so easy!
If you need your students to gain more writing, audiovisual or media skills – there is no better place than MaY. Here we develop young journalists who know their craft and – what is equally important – how to communicate their knowledge and values.
Want to bring some international, fresh wave to your students and show them how the world is a really small and friendly place? We can organize exchange programs for your school – name the country and we are on it!

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