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Meet our third flagship product designed specially for our partners and people in action

We are young, creative and open for others, so that’s why we create a tools to develop organizations, companies, NGOs, youth councils and young active people from all of the world. Can you believe that? So, let’s start…

We develop each other by developing others

How do we communicate in MaY?

Build with us the awareness of your brand among young people using our conferences, ads, media channels and amazing storytelling during our projects like YES – Young Entrepreneurs Stories. Attract talent and recruit candidates from the world’s largest talent pool.




Heavy knowledge stored on a light cloud. MaY Cloud aims to ensure a proper internal communication and supports our teams with efficient and fast work. MaY Cloud is a tool that we use today to meet the expectations of tomorrow, in order to fully support our local teams.




We create and develop teams in big and small cities, on universities and in high and middle schools. We respect the value of local integration between our members and working face to face. We also support the youth mobility thanks to our online platforms.

MaY+ Elements


For Companies

Connect with the net of youth leadership and add some energetic wave to your company! If you are looking for a fresh look straight from the Millenials, cooperate with us. We invite YOU to join our movement and take part in MaY+ program because when you invest in youth, you are investing in the future.

For NGOs

Looking for perspectives and ideas from different sides of the world? In MaY we connect ambitious journalists, leaders, marketers and specialists from many other different fields. Our knowledge and skills will for sure be beneficial for your organization’s expansion goals.

For Education

If all primary, secondary or high school students would have the same ambition or becoming young leaders… or would have diverse and wide set of skills and right knowledge to realize projects… How do you think the world would look like? For us partnering with schools is one of the biggest priorities.

For Public Figures

Young Headhunters Network

Are you an actor, traveler, musician, writer, singer, sportsman or politician? MaY’s media channels and opportunities are great way to share and show your work to the world. Get the attention of young people by connecting our platform with the cool stuff you do.

Connect with Us today

We help you build a better tomorrow

Investment in young people is always an investment in the future. Participate with your company, organization or institution in the process of youth development for the future generations.

Our Business Social Channels


For Everyone


For Investors, Startups


For Developers

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