We for Public Figures

Are you an actor, traveler, musician, writer, singer, sportsman or politician? MaY’s media channels and opportunities are great way to share and show your work to the world. Get the attention of young people by connecting our platform with the cool stuff you do.

Tell us about your story

Our talented young media makers will spread the word about your work and experiences. We are ready to create interviews, audio podcasts, videos, reviews and articles in many languages around the world.

Boost your audience

Ever felt like your work hasn’t been recognized? Your talent is about to shine – let us help you with it! If you are an aspiring or experienced writer, actor, photographer, filmmaker, designer, painter… connect with us and let’s organize an event or campaign that will support your work. Grow the number of fans and followers by spreading the information about your work.

Show your work to the world

Show your work to the world. By participating in our program your recognition gets a big kick. Let others hear your story and join your cause, see your artwork or support the events.

Share your unforgettable stories

For Travelers & Globetrotters

Have you been to an amazing journey and want to share the story about it? Do it via MaY’s channels – we are the community of passionate young people who would love to hear about your experience. We will help you organize the sharing event or exhibition with your materials.

Support for your hard work

For Athletes

We know how hard it is to fight for your dreams. We would love to help you get recognition for it and support you on your way. Connect with us and let us share your story and achievements to the world.

Help to others

For Activists

Your amazing social work should get as much recognition as possible. You are changing the world – we know it and other people should know it as well. We will be happy to help you share your experiences and projects with a wider audience so the cause you are fighting for gets more attention.

Words for generations

For Writers

Increase engagement of young reading books, thanks to this, with other young people are already reading your books and write reviews.

Be a part of MaY as a Mentor

Be part of MaY as a Mentor. Hungry for more MaY in your life? Join as a Mentor and give back the experience, advices and support to our members. Get recognized as a dynamic, youth-oriented and impact-driven public figure.