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Start the New Year with MaY. Be the part of our worldwide recognition social campaign between 1 and 28 February 17 by supporting our organization or showing yourself as a MaYmaker! Our global goal is to show our organization to the world together and spread voices and messages from all over the world!

How can I get involve?

To get involved in our campaign you will need any recording device or doing a photo, for example, phone or camera, and one of their social media channels. Mark created their materials using two hashtags #Start2017withMaY and #MaYorg. From Downloads section you can use some ready-made materials. Remember – don’t worry about your language skills, it don’t have to be in English. That’s all, start MaYmaking today!

Record a short video

Record one-minute video in which you answer the questions: how long you MaY? What for you it is MaY and why you’re in MaY? Your vision MaY 2017!

Snap your Mayfie

Take a picture, for example with the card on which you can answer for one of the few questions about you in MaY. You will find ready-made patterns in the Downloads. You can also take a selfie with our logo – Mayfie!

Use your imagination

You are creative? Do you have a head full of ideas – use social channels and your own talents, skills, or whatever you want to show the world your MaY 😀


Need some graphic or our logo? Check our case with materials
or maybe you just want to create something new using our examples.

Social Stream

Use our hashtags #Start2017withMaY and #MaYorg
and show yourself to the world!

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