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Tennis and its history!

June 23, 2014
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October 16, 2014

Tennis and its history!

Year 1515, France and England – very beginning of Tennis. This sport is also known as a “white sport” because of the fact that this game offers one kind of elegance.
As the years passed by, tennis as a sport has developed in a way that now is known in whole the world, tennis is a sport for professionals as well as for amateurs. Because technology has developed in the years a lot, tennis had to follow the trend, equipment for tennis players are now more sophisticated, also the “Hawk-Eye” technology has been implemented in the game, today we cannot imagine a grand slam game without “Hawk-Eye” this system has become part of every bigger game. This was revolution in this sport.

Tennis is a game that is divided in a few tournaments that are played trough the years. We have ATP WORLD TOUR 250 Master Series, ATP WORLD TOUR 500 Master Series, ATP WORLD TOUR 1000 Master Series and the biggest events are 4 GRAND SLAMS, that are known as US Open (USA), Australia Open (Australia), Roland Garros (France) and Wimbledon (UK). This tournaments are played by tennis players as individuals, but also we have tournaments where tennis players play for their countries those tournaments are Davis Cup, Hopman Cup and Fed Cup.

From the begging until now tennis is played on 3 courts. Grass, court that is the oldest one, Deco Turf (Hard) and Clay. In 2012 it was made one exception at the ATP WORLD TOUR 1000 Master Series in Madrid instead of playing on Clay (red), tennis players had experienced one new, Blue Clay. First and only winner on Blue Clay is Roger Federer, he will stay only winner because after negative comments from tennis players and experts, organizers and ATP federation decided that this court will not be used for next years. Also, at the end of the season players have  one Final tournament where 8 best tennis players from that year( according to ATP and WTA rankings) are playing for the title. This tournament is also prestige one because all the best players are at one place. In last years men are playing in London and ladies this year will be playing in Singapore.

In the history of tennis there are many names that deserve to be remembered forever. Those are people who have won  all 4 Grand Slam titles or have many records in tennis history, from men competition those legends are Björn Borg, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, from active tennis players Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and according to many experts the best player in the world Roger Federer. With 79 single titles and 17 Grand Slams he has proven that even with 30 years you can be Number 1 on ATP list. With 289 weeks at Number 1 spot he became player that has stayed longest as number 1.

We can say that we have great lady tennis players that are worth to be remembered like Steffi Graf, Martina Navratilova, Monica Seles, Maria Sharapova, Victoria Azarenka as well as Williams Sisters, Serena and Venus. Steffi Graf is one of the best tennis players she has been number 1 on WTA spot for 377 weeks that is longest stay on top in both competitions man and woman.

Despite all those rules that has been changed lately there are new generations coming that are hunger for success and hunger to break those records that are set by legends. The sophisticated technology will give us, the real fans feeling that we are on the court even if we are in front of our TV’s. The only thing that is left to us is to enjoy in the game.

Be a part of changing history of tennis.


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