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Week for Failure – we teach how to speak about mistakes

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March 8, 2017
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March 29, 2017

‘Week for Failure’ is a Polish nationwide social project aiming to promote conscious and meanignful speaking about failures. Our goal is to show to Polish people that mistakes teach us valuable lessons. All-Polish media campaign is the core of the action. What is more, other attractions are included, such as scouting assemblies, case studies presented by startups, interviews and also scientific materials revolving around the topic of failure that will see the light of the day. It is going to take place in the last week of March –  26.03.2017– 01.04.2017.

The very purpose of our project is making a good out of the urge to seek troubles, which is intrinsically present in societies. We want to change a tendency to complain into an opportunity to teach. As young people, we realized that school hasn’t taught us any meaningful analysis of a defeat. Mistakes can give us a valuable lesson, but many forget this home truth, indeed “I don’t recollect the failures, but challenges”. The motto of our project comes from Bill Gates, who said:

“It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”


We work our way to prove that failure is a natural part of every success. Thanks to the media campaign and scouting assemblies, we create an opportunity for young people to talk maturely about human imperfection and potential obstacles that may intervene the way towards success. Due to interviews and scientific articles, we want to fight a war against obstructive perfectionism. Many young people don’t take action out of fear of not getting satisfying results. Such attitude is contingent on our education system; it makes people believe they should always win no matter what they do.

Such restrictions made sense…hundreds years ago

Today, we changed unawareness into a real excess of knowledge that we can’t neither appraise nor process.  Next generations will be some representative of an interplanetary civilization. It may sound like a distant future, but Elon Munsk (CEO SpaceX, a company that will pioneer presence on Mars) claims that very first pioneering robots could be send into the outer space around the corner in 2018. Manned missions will probably take place in 2020-2030. Mankind is about to face challenges on a totally different scale. This is why we need to accept the fact the majority of current rules belong to the game of the past. In order to determine new rules, we need entire generations. However, their adaptation will stem from the future and not from the past.

In our opinion, one of the key competencies of the future is to be able to meanigfully analyze a failure. It allows to change the assumptions which can be truly destructible.. It’s the adaptability to new early conditions that has always been a key to our civilization.

One week is next to nothing. One week is a very small step. However, this one little step is a step in a great direction.

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This article is an English version translated from Polish-> to see the original click here.


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