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What it means to be a wanderlust?

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June 13, 2014
June 23, 2014

What it means to be a wanderlust?

Living in a non-stop changing world. I have been wondering over and over how is it possible for people to be that little flexible in their dreams-chasing game… How can youth be so higly persuaded that passion for different doesn’t have a place in our lifes because it’s not effective the way it should. (money money money..!)

We are raised through time, following a type of lifestyle that gives a time order to success. First goes school, graduation, qualifications and endless paper collection, informing the world that you are skilled enough to wear a tie. Then goes family, housing, property, worries, promotion,working shifts and other promotion… All of this set in a specific place, a specific schedule, a specific field… Did you notice understanding between those words? Did you notice experiencing the difference?..

As a not-native English speaker, when for the very first time I heard the term ‘wanderlust’, that was at the known music clip of Gogol Bordello band… Looking it up, what came out was ”a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.” I guess most of you can easily see yourself in that, right? Its hard to see the line between wanderlusting and runaway tensions, but truly speaking I can see nothing negative in neither of them. You have all heard the ‘avoiding your issues is not a solution, you have to phase them’s line. I guess here it comes into play. But what if the journey to deal with all your problems, if any, is a journey to find yourself, to find your answers and limits,to expand your horizons? What if you are a different person in fact but you haven’t grabbed the chance to find out yet, following the conventional life? 

I stumbled across a video the other day. It was an interview of a  British guy, a travelogue writer, who had been hitchhiking around Asia solo for 10 years! One of the questions he had been asked repitidly was..”What are you running from?”. His answer? I am not running from, i am running TO…!


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