5 minutes with Matej Krejčí

All of us dream of accomplishing something in life, don’t we? Doesn’t matter if we dream to lose 10 pounds or to start our own business. Dreams may differ. But there’s always one important aspect in the process of making our dreams come true. Self-discipline. But why self-discipline in particular, you ask?

The main reason for the need of self-discipline is for us to be able to accomplish what we dream of. To be able to motivate ourselves, to take small steps towards our dream and to stay on our way to reach a higher purpose.

Matej Krejčí from the GrowJob Institute expressed his thoughts on this topic on November 22th at a lecture by the organization AZU – aktivita zvyšuje úspech (activity boosts success). Why do we need self-discipline in our lives? According to Matej, a self-disciplined person is able to do activities they enjoy and fulfil them as well as deal with less enjoyable things more effectively.

“Self-discipline is a type of inner motivation. You need to imagine your goal and this ability to act –  this self-discipline – is what will lead you to it.”

Matej had always been drawn to this kind of work. He was already influenced in his childhood by the way he was brought up, especially by his great-grandmother, who supported everything he showed interest in. You may be curious, what has been of his interest and what he takes interest in now. He has been always keen on psychology, behavioural economics, neuropsychology and other related sciences. As time passed by, he encountered another positive influence – his high school teacher, who had shown him that it’s possible to see problems in a different light. After graduating from high school, he went on to England to pursue his interest in psychology. He applied theoretical knowledge to praxis and gained lot of experience to bring back home.

Matej now works as a consultant for clients in the GrowJob Institute. He also holds lectures at universities and helps young people with big dreams to reach their full potential. His biggest motivation in life is the image of himself at the end of his life, proclaiming: “I worked as hard as I could!”. This is also a very strong thought of inner motivation.

When I asked Matej, which book changed his life the most, he put together a whole list of works. It was very difficult for him to choose just one, but these definitely belong into his Top 3: Mindset by Carol S. Dweck, Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg and foremost Konec prokrastinace (The End of Procrastination) by Petr Ludwig, because this book in particular has become part of his job.

Thanks to AZU I had the chance to meet Matej, who spreads positive vibes the moment he walks into the room and his behaviour and self-presentation impresses people wherever he goes.

AZU is a national development project of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic and of the Technical University of Košice. AZU’s goal is to acquaint the students with the job market and to increase their knowledge through various events and workshops on interesting topics. Information about next events Is always on their website. I will definitely be there on their upcoming events, how about you?


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