MaY is

an international organization founded on May 1, 2013 in Poland. Our mission is to empower every human and organization to grow through action.

Every action or inaction has an impact good or bad-upon our surroundings, are you aware of your impact?

How MaY works? Meet the MaY way. We develop online tools and offline communities to make our mission complete.

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Platform for Active People and Brands. Find worldwide opportunities to act for social and business cause.
MaY Edu
Cloud non formal education. Share experience how to make actions, ask and learn from community.
MaY Lab
Action Intelligence. Numbers and stats will help you find anwers for why questions.
MaY Media
Solution and Mobile Journalism. Sharing an Impact. Worldwide media made by young and pro journalists.

Our Products & Actions

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Our Powers

In 2016 - 2017, 25 countries joined the MaY network, so we are currently developing on 6 continents. This means 2 - 3 countries per month. Activities and projects - by 2018 we completed over 100 projects, exchanges, workshops, conferences and trainings. We plan to implement over 300 local actions as part of the 5-year may 2025 plan. On our timeline, we have over 100 ready-made actions and shares. 50 local teams around the world in cities, at universities and at schools. We work with over 150 partners, including, non-govermental organizations etc.

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Our Founder Words

We strive to be the first brand and organization in the developing world our services of interaction that connects active people and brands to actions. We believe that non-formal education and social entrepreneurship need to be a part of the development of every human being on earth. Above all, we wish to help others to do better for others. Discover through activity. how MaY can help you connect your goals personal, professional and educational. Develop yourself through the development of others. Be part of global interaction!

~ Piotr Trąbski - President of MaY