Birth of MaY+

Due to a transformation and development of partnership program MiM+, the 3rd flagship project comes into being: MaY – strategic partnerships. MaY+ core business is to serve the matter of building a culture between partnership organizations understood although differently than it takes place in business practice. Convinced that the aim of any cooperation is strength and resources cumulation towards common interest and it should not be about taking potential advantages out of it,  we look for partners working on behalf of the young all over the world so as to have a possibility of multiplying our efforts serving positive changes in the environment of the subject of our activity. In defiance of world practice of involving in mock cooperations aiming at gaining personal benefits, MaY+ – as a complement of MaY structure – reaches people out to contribute in creating and enhancing common projects, the thing which will eventually bear fruits like an even broader and more dynamic development of the organization.


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