Category: Newsroom

Category: Newsroom

Mar 29
Introducing MaY for Education

Annoying schoolmates, demending teachers and grey walls making hours dragg…

Jan 01
Start 2017 with MaY!

Addapting popular slogan “New Year, new me” a brand new platform is being…

Nov 05
First global social media for Youth Councils from MaY!

The Youth Councils Platform is an innovative tool created in order to streamline the…

Oct 30
Time to expand – MaY Bahrain welcomes

MaY is being set in a new reality by launching Bahrain to our network.

Oct 01
Make MaY and make a tea – Great Britain is on board

The most royal launch of a MaY structure as from now on it is going to rule youth…

Sep 10
Media Teams Launch

Although MEDIA project is focused on creating and publishing media coverages…

Jun 15
Launch of offical icons

Official icons of the organization’s structures, which serve as the complete visual…

Jun 09
Elections to the new national boards

The second term of leaders is almost accomplished and they are about to give way to…

May 01
New Image of the organization

As soon as may begins, Brand Book in details defining rules of visual identification…

Apr 20
MaY Association Meeting Board

The first structure convention organized in Warsaw boils down to the issues of work…