MaY is an international organization founded by young innovators on May 1, 2013 in Poland. Our mission is to empower every human and organization to grow through action.

We believe that action is key to growth and better future. Small action is better than none. But connected powers of people and organization in action will make a positive change in our world. It may happen because of you....

may creates a vision and action plan to build a better future, based on two pillars: our own community of people and digital ecosystems that connect all growth opportunities in one place, so that it is accessible to everyone, everywhere. MaY creates a global forum and platform where all people can develop themselves and present their position and take collective action for social, economic and environmental development.

Our Story

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Our Powers

In 2016 - 2017, 25 countries joined the MaY network, so we are currently developing on 6 continents. This means 2 - 3 countries per month. Activities and projects - by 2018 we completed over 100 projects, exchanges, workshops, conferences and trainings.

We plan to implement over 300 local actions as part of the 5-year may 2023 plan. In our bank, we have over 100 ready-made actions and shares.

50 local teams around the world in cities, at universities and at schools. We work with over 150 partners, including, non-govermental organizations etc.

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Our People

The society of MaYmakers is full of people who believe that nothing is impossible. They are not afraid to question the reality around and develop initiatives that will positively impact the world. MaYmakers create a community of conscious initiators who respect the value of growth and make sure that worlds' opportunities will reach everybody, everywhere. They take responsibility for objective, valuable and constructive actions, content and they strive for expanding its reach across the world.

Our most important value is empowering an access to grow through action.

Our Structures

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