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We build community of active people and brands that run everyday around the world positive changes.

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The may platform is an ecosystem, one comprehensive place for every active person who wants to develop, learn how to start, learn how to realize their ideas, receive substantive support, find people similar to the project or examine why my action is meaning. Below are only our most important products.

An ecosystem of development, digital tools for every humans and organizations.


Offline Community

We build local teams around the world on universities, schools and cities and connect all of activities offline.

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In 2016 - 2017, 25 countries joined the MaY network, so we are currently developing on 6 continents. This means 2 - 3 countries per month. Activities and projects - by 2018 we completed over 100 projects, exchanges, workshops, conferences and trainings.

We plan to implement over 300 local actions as part of the 5-year may 2023 plan. In our bank, we have over 100 ready-made actions and shares.

50 local teams around the world in cities, at universities and at schools. We work with over 150 partners, including, non-govermental organizations etc.


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MaY (Make actions Y’all) is an international organization founded on May 1, 2013 in Poland. MaY’s mission is to empower every human and organization to grow through action. The MaY community believes that action is the key to grow and to live in a better and more brighter future.
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Join our offline community. Empowering others connects us all.

We are all grow
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MaY Family of Apps help every human and organization connect world opportunities that help to grow and act for social and business good.