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Mar 15
MaY 1.0 – new and better Ecosystem

Months of planning, weeks of activities, countless days, sleepless night and…

Feb 15
MaY PX Opening

A consociated in MaY community of young photographers from all over the world gets a…

Feb 14
Second MaY Network – Photographers & Designers

The second network is being introduced into the MaY Networks service: Network of…

Feb 01
Change the code, move forward – 2000 MaYmakers

MaY has already over 2000 active members – not only in Poland, but also abroad.

Jan 06
Construction of MaY Multisites Ecosystem

The process of rebuilding websites functioning within MaY is setting off. Preparations…

Jan 02
First AIM Network – Global Youth Programmers

The first network within AiM project is being implemented: Global Youth Programmers.…

Jan 01
Together over the horizon – MaY 2016 Perspective

The last week of the year is the time of holistic summaries concerning 3 years of…

Dec 12
3 years of the Idea

It’s been three years since the key moment, when the idea was born. As a result…

Dec 05
First EDD – Exchange, Develop, Discover’15

MiM Days changes its name and for the first time takes place by way of internal year…

Nov 15
Serving the values – launch of the Organizational Culture

As a result of Piotr Trąbski and Karolina Waligóra’s work, the organization…