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Who can apply?

The participant candidates will be evaluated based on their level of motivation and interest and in the topic and a view on how to implement gained knowledge in the future. The most suitable individuals who wish to fully participate and contribute to the success of this project will be selected.

Participant’s prerequisites:

Be active in youth field
Be present and be active participation on all sessions of the project
Show initiative and interest in learning, developing and implementing non-formal methods on the subject of human rights and victim support
Be at least 18 years old
Be fluent in English
Group requirements

National groups will follow gender balance requirements (1 male = 1 female) as best as possible.

Accommodation and Food

Raudsilla Entertainment Complex is situated in Lahemaa National Park and is an unique venue. Home to a number of small and large wooden teepee tents. Including the largest teepee in Europe. It has a variety of different activities, which can experienced in this marvellous location.

Some of the available activities are:

Adventure Park etc.

Raudsilla is surrounded by beautiful untouched nature and through it flows Pärlijõgi (“Pearl river”), which is one of the last remaining habitats of the freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera). Another sight definitely worth visiting is the Baltic Klint and braver participants can try out catapult-zipline down this magnificent bank. Raudsilla is the perfect place to just unwind and unplug!

Accommodation and food will be covered by the host organization. Accommodation will be grouped by gender. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served at the same location every day.

The sleeping will be in 2 different houses with men and women separately. There are mattresses, blankets, pillows etc so you don’t need to bring these with you. Our seminar room will be the biggest teepee in Europe and we will be spending most of our time there. In addition to this there are saunas, river and a hot tub at our disposal!

We are really happy to announce that this project will be taking place in such a special location and we believe that this accommodation will make your stay even more memorable!

Rules & Deadline

The general rules are the usual – be on time, respect other people, clean up after yourself, do not disturb others late at night, follow the venue rules. In addition to this we will also talk about the rules regarding sauna, swimming, the venue and the project itself.

Drug usage, violence, sexual harassment, theft or any other serious misbehavior will result in us calling the police, casting you out of the exchange and not reimbursing your travel cost.

We will go over all the rules in the beginning of the exchange and also have them displayed during the project.

NOTE: Travel cost will be partially or fully removed if participants:

Do not take part in the whole length of the main activity
Repeatedly break the basic rules and do not react to warnings
Commit any serious misbehavior

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