„Fallen Art” is an animated short film directed by Tomasz Bagiński, a well-known polish draftsman, graphic designer and director. The film has taken part in many festivals and in 2005 received the Jury Honors at the SIGRAPH. Moreover it received the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award. Fallen Art is a polish masterpiece.

The plot involves a short history of solider who tends to be an artist. However he uses strange method of making the art. He applies slow motion photography to make films that he watches himself with nobody around him. He co – works with other soliders and each of them has his own task. Pushing down young soliders from a springboard, taking photoes of dead bodies and delivering photographs to so – called artist. What is he doing with the materials that he is given? That is the most compelling part.

The film is set in old military base where soliders preserve their crankiness. Digital technology used by Baginski enables to show his splendid image of this place. Furthermore, the soundtrack made by Fanfare Ciocârlia sends shivers up and down your spine.What impresses me the most is that Baginski hasn’t given any descriptions of this film so that spectators have a chance to define it themselves. I find it imposing because I heard many different interpretations. Each time I see it I find there new threads to define. I consider Fallen Art as magnificient film, and Tomasz Baginski as significant director.

I would highly recommend Fallen Art, especially if you are keen on extraordinary films that require deep concideration. Even if you are not the kind of person who is into thinking of what you have just watched I would recommend Fallen Art to see temendous animation technique that Tomasz Baginiski used to made such a quaint film. It will certainly have you on edge of your seat for 6 minutes.


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