First global social media for Youth Councils from MaY!

The Youth Councils Platform is an innovative tool created in order to streamline the activity of youth councils enabeling them to share experiences as well as collaborating on new projects and presenting them in the international forum. The project of the platform that is carried out within the third flagship MaY product – MaY+ within a special partnership offer MaY for Youth Councils – encourages to a conscious development of an organization through investing in development of others (‘Develop each other by developing others’).

Our mission of this product is connecting and activating youth councils’ potential as well as the current and former councilors of mentioned structures around the world, with the aim of establishing better policy in favour of young people. Possibilities are virtually limitless. We give to the users a tool enabling them to create personal or group accounts on behalf of the community they represent as current or former councilors. The platform functioning in a similar way like Linkedln facilitates presenting a whole industry activity including giving a possibility of publishing news, creating a profile, using events calendar or sharing links, pics or videos. Among key options available within the platform, it’s good to mention also a unique option of writing articles which includes:

  • best practices – notwithstanding the current quality of any council’s work, it’s always possible to upgrade it and raise it above the projected potential, the thing which, is a vital interest of the
  • members using our platform:
  • talks – a space devoted to open discussions revolving around things important from the viewpoint of young activists
  • youth policy – a forge of ideas and projects lab
  • news – enabling tracking global trends in youth councils activity
  • leadership – training and reinventing leaders of a change in the world that is our relevant characteristic
  • help – substantive tips and instructions
  • cultural understanding – an environment enhancing dialog in order to make a stand on harmful divisions and to get rid of mutual resentments and stereotypes.

Moreover, MaY for Youth Councils establishes a unique opportunity for youth councils from around the world to communicate with each other within specified partnership programs. In the aftermath, it bonds between them a network of preferred partners able to make new projects together. Projects presentation takes place on the global virtual platform what broadens possibilities of interesting public opinion in it and conducting actions on a limitless scale!
Every council belonging to the program becomes a MaY partner. Articles written by councils’ members can be then published also on the international website of MaY platform, what will uplift them into a higher rank fueling publicity.How to join?

Registration on the platform requires creating an account just as the one used on Facebook. It is a quick and really easy process – after opening a home page and clicking ‘join us’ button the verification process begins aiming to determine and confirm user’s identity as a youth council activist. When the registration is accomplished nothing else intervenes going into action!
If you’re interested, you’re kindly invited to contact us using MaY Poland or [email protected]!
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