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contact with the leadership and the board
[email protected]
contact person: Mateusz Czerniga

MaY for Business & MaY Business Club

meet our business offer, cooperate
[email protected]
contact person: Wojciech Sambor

MaY Special Events & Actions

Contact our events team
[email protected]
contact person: Piotr Nowak


Our legal cases
[email protected]

For Media

Our own media – solution & mobile media platform, our media cover
[email protected]
contact person: Ewa Dziardziel

MaY Carrers & Growth Team

Contact with our carrers team, be a part of our worldwide network
[email protected]
contact person: Damian Ciachorowski

MaY Offline

Our youth-led NGO (student community)
[email protected]
contact person: Oliwia Jasińska

Financial & Investors

Our financial cases, investor relations, donations 
[email protected]