Introducing MaY for Education

Annoying schoolmates, demending teachers and grey walls making hours dragg mercilessly. It may be, that you’re wondering how you’ve found yourself reading an article with ‘education’ in title, but it only proves you still have hope that it doesn’t have to look this way!

Let’s face the truth – it’s always easier to complain about things than to actually step out and take action required to see the difference. But take heart – in MaY we believe you already have what it takes to make a stand on a pitiful status quo you don’t agree with – join us and simply BE the change you wish to see in the world! Participating in our projects will make it easier than ever before as we provide you with necessary tools and help you boost your ideas, so that your voice could be finally heard with a great volume everywhere. Your school including.

Make it fun that matters

MaY for Education is stuffed with a whole bunch of innovative solutions enabling you being a future leader, social ninja, programmer, IT developer, journalist or whatever you’ve always wanted to be.  Time of keeping your skills in the sock drawer has just came to an end! You could be recording, sharing or writing about things interesting for you and helping your schoolmates to find some inspiration too.

Within the program we develop a unique and innovative social platform (MaY Point) dedicated to schools and universities. It aims at increasing and releasing the potential of young people. It boils down to activating hidden talents of those who were born as leaders but didn’t have an opportunity to properly burnish this gift. MaY for Education starts a wonderful time for the youth to gather with a great common goal of making the world a better place – no limits attached! It’s also a call for passionate teachers to arise and share their earnest hearts with next generations – using new ways and technologies to make it last and survive the test of time.

Engaging peers, attaining practical experience in leading a team, managing projects, or promoting one’s own achievements can be challenging and that’s exactly why we give it to the young, knowing they’re right people to handle it. Experienced in working in the organization ran by young people alone, we boldly claim that they are as capable of doing things as we allow them to be.

Are you a teacher?

If you’re a teacher or a headmaster afraid of taking risk and of trusting our age, believe our experience instead and give MaY a shot at your school! It’s voluntary and charge-free, so you can only gain – and we mean a great gain. We offer a possibility of cooperating with other schools or universities, we can organize workshops, trainings, projects and conferences, adding to it some effective tools created to manage projects successfully and to promote the work of your students.

Are you a student?

Revive the way you learn and take it to a whole new level with MaY! Gaining knowledge and practicing writing skills don’t have to be boring and limited to school walls! With today’s technology you can have fun while changing the world and we mean it! Even if everything that’s changing is your own reality, the world around you will never remain the same, it changes alike! Don’t let your school be a boring place and your skills to dry out while waiting for a „right” age to be used – refuse such lies and start your journalistic adventure right now wherever you are! It’s going to be fun and exciting and we’ll take care of making it easy and developing in the same time, enabling you to impact the environment you live in.

Who can participate?

Find a friend or two or even twenty and let us know about it – we’ll get our turn and equip you with everything you need to start like gangbusters. Your lack of experience is no obstacle and can even be your asset – everybody needs to start somewhere – MaY is a perfect space to learn new things in a safe and creative environment. Being a pioneer can be challenging at the beginning, but it’s far more rewarding than you may expect.

Would you like to give it a try or know the details? Check this out and message us with no hesitation – we are ready to answer all your questions and to help you start this program on your own.


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