Media Teams Launch

Although MEDIA project is focused on creating and publishing media coverages diversified in terms of a form and character, it is fortified with units called out of concern about quality content and safety of its consignees, thus Media Teams are part of MEDIA project. These are the followings:

Content – Program Council transformed into a team of quality content in Media MaY. Its general objective is to take care of a realization of MaY Media Mission while paying especial attention to a substantive side of contents they release.

Shows – team formed to lead Media-Multimedia bit (television, podcasts, audio-visual part of MaY) is responsible for realizing programs, editing and entire multimedia base of the organization and the events it helds.

Translations – team consisting of two units such as WRITERS & SPEAKERS takes care of presenting and translating in English contents such as articles, guidebooks, training materials and business offers, so as to make an access to them available globally and to increase the extend of expansion trends scheduled by the organization.

Proofreaders – a team attentively seeking for improving the quality of contents created in MaY and simultaneously looking for new and more effective work’s solutions meeting consignees’ actual expectations on the news market.


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