Founded in 2007

To build a global forum and platform on which all young people can develop a unified voice and take collective action toward social, economic, and environmental progress.

The International Youth Council (IYC) was founded during the Youth Assembly at the United Nations in 2007. We are dedicated to bringing together and supporting young leaders from around the world in pursuit of the Millennium Development Goals.

Our mission is to provide youth with project support, leadership opportunities, and a broad networking base. We advocate for greater youth representation in international policy-making, including official representation within the United Nations.

Our belief is that our generation and our interests are not adequately represented. As capable advocates of the future, we wish to ensure that the leaders of today leave a world worthy of our inheritance tomorrow.

Through the commonality, enthusiasm, and idealism of youth, we can overcome national and international differences. We will advocate for policies that benefit every future generation in the name of peace, progress, and sustainability.

We are the official alumni organization of the Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations.


New York, NY, USA

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