MaY is an international organisation founded by young innovators on May 1, 2013 in Poland. We believe that action is key to growth and better future. Small action is better than none. But connected powers of people and organization in action will make a positive change in our world. may creates a vision and action plan to build a better future, based on two pillars:

  1. Our own community of people who influence positive changes around the world and initiate local activities that connect people and organizations to work together;
  2. An ecosystem of development, digital tools for working (for non-governmental organizations, local communities, institutions, business, media, education, people from various fields, etc.). A platform of opportunities by combining the world of activities in one place so that it is accessible to everyone, everywhere;

MaY creates a global forum and platform where all people can develop themselves and present their position and take collective action for social, economic and environmental development.
More informations on https://may.am/about

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to empower every human and organisation to grow through action. We believe that action is key to growth and better future.

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Dziękujemy za wszystkie liczne i ciekawe pytania! Przed nami zaraz podpisanie przez kandydatów Eurodeklaracji #may_org

Czy przewidują Państwo wprowadzenie programów międzynarodowych, jak Erasmus+ również dla absolwentów uczelni? #may_org #debataprzyszlosci

@may_org @danutahuebner Jak zmienić i zainwestować więcej w naukę języków na polskich uczelniach, żeby studenci nie byli wykluczeni z życia w Europie?

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1 day ago


#MaYMediaCamp in Warsaw. Workshops about #sdg12 #consumptionism using #mobilejournalism and #solutionjournalism.
Prepering for tomorow’s debate with Candidates to the European Parliament.

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5 months ago


We are a part of actions for our climate!
European Economic Congress Green, during UN Climate Summit "COP24" ;) 🌱💚🍀🔆
#eecgreen #europeaneconomiccongressgreen #ekggreen #green #climate #actions #cop24 #unclimatesummit

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6 months ago


#newlogo #redesign ...

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