Founded on December 26, 1997

The aims of NYCA are:
To promote the consolidation and the strengthening of RA
To promote the deepening of democratic processes, and the establishment of legal state and civil society in RA
To assist to the development and promotion of Youth Policy in Armenia
To assist to the involvement of youth in the solution of national tasks
To promote the spreading of the idea of human (in particular, of child and youth) rights protection
To consolidate Armenian youth around the concepts of patriotism, freedom and democracy
To ensure the mutual assistance of Armenian youth NGOs.

The objectives of NYCA are:
To assist to realization of projects and programs of youth organizations
To assist the projects aimed to youths’ intellectual, spiritual and physical development
To promote all the rights and legal interests of Armenian youths living in RA and abroad
To assist to the solving of youth’s social problems
To promote the development of science and education, as the primary domains preparing young specialists
To assist to young families
To come out for the young peoples’ friendship and mutual assistance in RA and abroad
To participate in the development and promotion of national and international youth projects
To establish contacts with the regional and international youth institutions, and support the integration of Armenian youth NGOs into them
To present motions concerning Youth Policy in the legislative and executive powers of RA
To consolidate the young people living in Armenia and abroad around the aims of NYCA.

NYCA is the only national NGO representing the youth in Armenia.

NYCA is the only national NGO representing the youth in Armenia.


15 Koryun Street, Yerevan, Armenia

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