Місія СПІЛКИ: представляти та захищати громадянські, політичні, соціальні та економічні права молоді України, розширювати можливості особистісного  розвитку та активної участі молоді в суспільно-політичному житті.

The main mission of the NYCU: to represent and protect the civil, political, social and economic rights of young people of Ukraine, to expand opportunities for personal development and youth participation in social and political life.

Громадська Спілка "Національна Молодіжна Рада України"
Public Union
"National Youth Council of Ukraine"

The Public Union “NATIONAL YOUTH COUNCIL OF UKRAINE” is national youth platform established to revive youth movement in Ukraine. The platform is free from political influence (which is a rare case in Ukraine) and is established by the leading international and national youth organizations to promote and protect the youth rights all over Ukraine and on the international level.

Member organizations ( Founders):

• «National Organization of Scouts of Ukraine» (WOSM - World Organization of the Scout Movement)
• «Foundation of Regional Initiatives» (Youth for Exchange and Understanding International)
• «Ukrainian Association of Student Self-government» (ESU - European Students' Union)
• «Youth Alternative»
• «Union of Initiative Youth»
• «Youth Nationalist Congress»
• «Ukrainian Medical Students' Association» (IFMSA - International Federation of Medical Students' Associations)
• «Alternative-V»(Alliance of European voluntary service organizations, CCIVS, FLARE)
• «Ukrainian Assembly of Youth» (Global Youth Alliance Movement of Civilizations (GYMAOC by UNAOC))
• «Youth Interaction»
• «JCI Youth» (JCI- Junior Chamber International)
• «European Youth of Ukraine» (LYMEC - Liberal and Radical Youth Movement of the European Community, IFLRY)
• «AEGEE-Kyiv» (AEGEE - Association des États Généraux des Étudiants de l'Europe)
• «Lviv Academy named Saint Вon Bosco»( DBYN - Don Bosco Youth-Net)

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Bohdan Khmelnytsky Street, 53b, Obukhiv, Kiev, Ukraine

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