Onion in the big world – #erasmus

Hi, I’m Sandra. Better known as Onion. Lived, so far, in the city smelling like chocolate and fish spread, the capital city of zachodniopomorskie voivodeship, Szczecin. During academic year 2017/2018 I’m taking part in students exchange programme Erasmus, choosing Germany as my destination. The autumn term I’ll spend in Rostock, the spring one in Kiel.

Why am I writing this? When I was preparing to my departure, there was almost no one who was able to give me some concrete answers for my questions. And I had millions of them. What, how, where, till when? Whenever possible, I’ll try to help those ones, who are wondering about Erasmus by themselves. If I am not able, I’ll just make a ranking of the best german Bratwursts… I was joking, I hate them.

Why Germany? Country of no milk and no honey, without Spanish sun and Italian pasta? Well, I do two degrees at the same time. Going further, I would have to decide about dean’s leave, which I didn’t want to do. Thanks to being closer to my mother university, I can study in both places. (It is obviously not the only solution for my problem, but about that in the next chapter.) Anyway, in the back of my mind I’m planning to start a new degree in Berlin, so Erasmus is a chance to settle up in the country, improve my language abilities and check if it’s a country I want to stay in for longer.

I’ve just fulfilled the last documents needed for my university and dormitory hall. For now, I still can’t believe that I’ve survived the whole recruitment process and now I’m officialy the Erasmus. Keep your fingers crossed, cause now I have the worst ahead of me  – packing (how to pack your luggage in few hours?). No language tests are as hard as packing tightly 20 pairs of shoes in one suitcase. Believe me, I’m telling you.

Till the next time,



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