Onion in the big world – how to be #erasmus

Carrying overloaded suitcases on the first floor is not so easy as it seems to be. Especially, when there is a million of them. Or two. But veni, vidi, vici, whatever they call it. I’ve got the room keys, unpacked, reminded that the last meat I had one hundred years ago. So my first Rostock trip destination was…Burger King.

Starting from the beginning – german dormitory halls are little bit different than polish ones. Above all, I don’t know anyone who wouln’t have one-bed room. Usually they’re included in so known “boxes” – two/three one-bed rooms, whose lodgers share, in my case, bathroom. Kitchen falls for half of the floor. The second thing is lack of any porter. Indeed, there is the building manager, but he works only till 4pm. If you have ever tried to sleep “illegally” in a polish dormitory hall, you know it well that ms/mr porter will smell everyone, who didn’t leave any ID or didn’t pay for the night. In my case guests are no problem for anyone, no matter if it’s for two nights or whole week. ( I know because I have already checked it). God bless…Germany.

University. Fairytale. First week spent on Erasmus is mainly Orientational Week, during which you have time for collecting signatures and other not necessary stuff (I mean, for you it won’t be needed, in real you won’t became real Erasmus student without them).Believe me, after second day of running from the office to the secretariat and back, you will be kicking yourself for not sitting under warm mommy’s couch right now. After getting over with million of papers, you are officially abroad university’s student and the adventure of your lifetime is being started.

First class is a trauma. No matter if you speak the language of instruction fluently, or not, you will still have the impression that you may be lost somewhere in the spacetime. German classes, which for us normally would be just a lecture, during which we are sitting and the lecturer is ripping their thoat for 1,5 h, look tottaly different. So named Hauptseminar (kind of advanced seminar) are more like polish practice classes. At the first class you will get plan of every sitting for the whole term. Literature, discussions, presentasions, referats, papers, simulations. Is the bell ringing?

Being late and leaving the classes before end come off. German punctuality means being 5 minutes before time, academic quarter is only a legend. While it comes to the end of the classes… Students thank the lecturer after every seminar. How? They knock in the desks. With knuckles. After around third time it became real to me, that this is just a habit. So, when in Rome do as the Romans do.

For the end, it’s time for Auntie-Driver-Sandra’s advice. If you have already gone/you’re going to go for your Erasmus by car, make yourself sure, that you have fire extinguisher and warning triangle in your equipment, because you never know when your car decides to get tired on the Autobahn or another middle of nowhere. After doing it, only platform can help you. Unless, unlike me, you know such crazy people, who might be able to haul you. (In this case I would love to meet them!)

PS Don’t forget about winter tyres!

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