Our mission is to give young people possibilities to get closer to Europe by taking part in EU youth policy and European Integration at every stage and level.
Europe4Youth as YNGO supports European civil society by activising and educating young people through non-formal learning methodology.

Europe4Youth Association is aimed at spreading and promoting European values such as democracy and human rights, support cultural and historical education among young citizens of Europe (including shaping attitude of active citizens and volunteers), acting for tolerance, peace and understanding between nations, familiarizing mechanisms of EU and promoting self-development by non-formal learning methodology.
Therefore we organize and participate in international youth exchanges, lead trainings, meetings, seminaries and workshops for youngsters, organize social, cultural and informational campaigns (including media campaigns), set cultural initiatives (exhibitions, concerts, workshops), cooperate with non-governmental organizations and local authorities. We also involved in international voluntary service.
Since 2006 we have accomplished several dozen of international and local projects, established cooperation with tens of non-governmental organizations from different countries in Europe. We are a part of international networks East-West-East and IPCP.
On 5th of October 2011 we became independent association Europe4Youth. In 2012 the Association have extended its sphere of activities and together with German NGO Fahrten-Ferne-Abenteuer we’ve established our chapter in Berlin.

What we do?

Training Courses, Youth Exchanges, Local and Transnational Initiatives, Workshops, Public Events, Adventure-Based Learning Courses

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