Start 2017 with MaY!

Addapting popular slogan “New Year, new me” a brand new platform is being launched at the very beginning of 2017 in order to make it awsome from the outset. MaY 2.0 – as that’s what it actually is – means new features, more possibilities and even better look! Recognition social campaign opens up.

A new thing has just heaved in sight and shines brightly inviting to take part in the greates possible adventure of an upcoming year. New Year means new MaY features and even broader MaYmaking possibilities! Among them, you will find a new ecosystem developed for businessmen, delevopers and other investors in order to make MaY avaliable wherever people need it. MaY 2.0 has been already launched making the impossible possible in a matter of minutes!

Changes are visible especially in terms of a website where there is no longer a topic division for local branches while all of them can work now in fields such as People, Entertainment, Know-How or Lifestyle. Every national home page connects all multimedia content provided by local teams as the National one does not exist from now on. All those things aim at improving readers navigation to make it clearer and even more pleasing.

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