Young adults in Britain are being taken for a ride

“A few people are making a great deal of money out of young adults in Britain today”. This one particular sentence in Danny Dorling’s article has changed my way of thinking immediately. Until the moment I read it I was almost sure that the most important thing for the government is to invest in youth and their education because they shape the future. Although, the author mencioned so many obstacles that young people have to face that I am sure I haven’t caught them all. However, I found the article highly interesting as it is all about me and my peers. What I consider to be the most stunning is the fact that people are taking advantages of youngsters who have to deal with adversity. Danny Dorling’s points out the increase of tuition fee. Danny Darling clearly described difficult situation of young adults in todays life. As I am an optimist I would say that despite the fact that nowadays sitauation is complicated ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. Obviously, it is not easy to change it immedietly. But I hope it may change soon.


We, as youth, are the new generation and we are shaping new future. I hope we will manage to provide convenient life for new young society!

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