Meet - MaY

Meet MaY

MaY (Media and Youth), founded in 2013 is an international organization run by youth for youth between 13 and 30 years old, aiming to develop responsible leadership, dialogue and positive communication with no borders.

Our Mission

We aim to develop leadership, dialogue and positive communication with no borders among young people across the world.

How Do We Do What We Do?

Imagine that every single young person in the world is able to critically assess the reality around them. They are able to start a project which will lead to the change of status quo and will activate their closest society. Moreover, they value the information which they pass. Thanks to consciously transmitted messages all these young people build a net of positive, ethical and objective media which positively impacts the reality.

Why do we do what we do?

In MaY we believe that communication doesn’t have to be difficult. We believe that dialogue and mutual understanding should be natural and accessible to everybody, everywhere. This belief allows us to develop leadership skills in every single young person. This way we create community of true changemakers across the whole world!

The MaY Way

Teamwork and leadership development are the main core of our actions. We foster creativity, social entrepreneurship, constant development and initiating positive changes. In MaY we believe that if you have an idea how to change the world – you should simply do it. At the same time, thanks to the net of developed media, we let the world know about it.
In the centre of our activities are youth networks (AIM), youth media (MEDIA) and partnerships (MAY+).



World Youth Networks

WE CONNECT young people to take the action together by our social platforms and education points systems



World Youth Media

WE SHARE and spread the voice of digital generation by our own youth media channels on our web platforms



World Partnerships

WE DEVELOP each other by developing others using our networks, media, tools and all cool stuff for our partners

Who We Are?

The society of „MaYmakers” is full of young people who believe that nothing is impossible. They are not afraid to question the reality around and develop initiatives that will positively impact the world. “MaYmakers” create a community of conscious young leaders who respect the value of information and make sure that it will reach everybody, everywhere. They take responsibility for objective, valuable and constructive content and they strive for expanding its reach across the world.

Our Story

Meet our story

Our Values

Our most important value is the responsible communication – Communication without borders

Create a good image of the world journalists
(Trust me, I’m a Journalist)

Social entrepreneurship
(Sharing is Caring)

People with a passion to act
(Love what you do, Do what you love)

Comprehensive and sustainable development
(Challenge accepted)

Activation of the environment
(We are Peacebuliders)

Going beyond schemes
(Society of Changemakers)