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We connect and empower every human

and organization to grow through action.

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Welcome to the new MaY platform, worldwide community of active people and organizations.

What is MaY?

MaY (Make actions Y’all) is an international organization founded on May 1, 2013 in Poland. MaY’s mission is to empower every human and organization to grow through action. The MaY community believes that action is the key to grow and to live in a better, brighter future.
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We are partners of InnoShare University 2020.
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Meet the Negotiation League

Meet our community of negotiators, test your skills and share knowledge with people all over the world.
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Grow through Action

Meet the MaY platform and apps. Our family of apps help every human and organization connect world opportunities that help to grow and act for social and business good. We connect actors like NGOs, Companies, Institutions, Places, Schools, Youth Councils and people to take the action. Find projects, conferences, exchanges, actions, grants, competitions, jobs, campaigns and much more…

MaY 5

Mobile & Solution Journalism

We build multimedia platform run daily by young people from around the world and professional journalists. We create professional media with a full system of text contribution and an information management system.

MaY 6

Better start in the labor market

We help and prepare candidates for the changing labor market and offers career counseling. We work with companies and career offices to improve user experiences and give young people better start in the labor market.

MaY 7

Act for Climate

MaY Green is our own program that connect all environmental opportunities to act now together. Add your climate actions or ngo to our platform and make real impact.

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Special Actions

Meet Special Actions. As MaY with our community we create our own events focus on our mission and most important. We help to grow and act for social and business good.

MaY 9

Watch Stories from all over the world with I'm World Mate VOD.

The first online trade fair during COVID-19, promoting the possibility of traveling abroad for everyone. We strengthen awareness about exchanges, projects and international integration as well as mobility on the labor market.

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Our Communities

Empowering others connects us all. We create community of people that every day empower every human and organization to grow through action. It is open for everyone in every age. Join us or create MaY local community. Find teams and meet an amazing people.

We are all growing
through action.

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Support our organization by giving us donation. Help us help you to grow through action better.