You have to negotiate success. There is no other way!

Negotiation is essentially about getting along and building trust. Both in business and in personal and family relationships. This is a basic communication skill that will give you money, time and trust.

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Do you know how much unsuccessful negotiations cost you?

Bad decisions, lost alternatives, unnecessary conflicts, lack of assertiveness – these are huge costs and limitations of your development! Add to this broken relationships, dissatisfaction with yourself, stress, a sense of failure and distrust of cooperators. Lost trust is much more difficult to rebuild than capital.

Train your skills online - negotiation sparrings

As they say, “the more sweat in training, the less blood in the fight” – negotiation is like a sport, you may know the theory and tactics, but to be in shape you have to exercise regularly. You can’t learn to negotiate effectively without practice. That is why we create a safe space for practicing negotiations so that we can make mistakes in a trusted environment. You will have the opportunity to practice your negotiation skills with other participants, and then test your effectiveness and get feedback. This way you can improve your skills without risking consequences such as:

In simple words: Don’t practice negotiating if you’d rather life train you.

How it's working

Negotiation sparring is the first and only such form of regular training online.

At each meeting, we introduce new knowledge, practice different situations, discuss cases from the business environment of the participants and provide mutual feedback.

Each time the participants negotiate new scenarios with each other and practice new roles. We built this model to be as practical as possible!

Sign fast to Negotiation League

How to sign up?

This meeting is open to all negotiators – professional and part-time . All you have to do is register, book a place and join us. You’ll receive:

Negotiation tournaments online

We have been organizing negotiation tournaments since 2004. This is the only such opportunity in Poland to test your skills on a real negotiating ground. The know-how developed over the years shows that it is one of the most effective methods of training negotiation skills.

Negotiation tournaments online

How it’s working

The tournament has an interactive and attractive formula. Teams of negotiators compete in a multi-stage tournament, practicing their skills and receiving ongoing feedback.


What is a negotiating tournament?

It is a unique form of verification and development of negotiating competences in the conditions of competition. The rules are similar to those in the best sports competitions. The tournament is run and judged by experts – winners and organizers of international negotiating tournaments.

Negotiation simulations based on real business situations

The project is tailored to the needs of the organization. A good opportunity for a beginner as well as an advanced and experienced group.

For Education

Negotiation for Universities

Online negotiation tournament for your University.

We started our adventure with the organization of negotiation tournaments in 2004 at the Warsaw School of Economics by organizing the Student Negotiation Tournament and, since 2009, the international Warsaw Negotiation Round.

These tournaments are still held once a year today, and now we can support your university students and staff in organizing the online tournament.

If you are interested in such a solution, please contact us.

For Education

Negotiation for High School students

It’s never too early to learn to negotiate – a special project for high school students Build good relationships and cooperation, learn to negotiate from youth.
We will organize an online tournament for your school. Attractive form and life scenarios to play out. Contact us about the details. Contact us about the details.


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