Conselho Nacional de Juventude

Born on July 9, 2012


The National Youth Council was created in 2005 by Law 11,129, which also established the National Youth Secretariat , linked to  the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic , and the National Program for Youth Inclusion (Projovem). Among its responsibilities, the Council has the task of formulating and proposing guidelines for public policies on youth, developing studies and research on the socioeconomic reality of young people and promoting exchanges between national and international youth organizations.

Conjuve is composed of 1/3 representatives of the public power and 2/3 of civil society, with 60 members, of which 20 are from the federal government and 40 from civil society. The representation of the public power includes, in addition to the National Youth Secretariat, all Ministries that have programs directed to the young; the Parliamentary Front for Youth Policies of the Chamber of Deputies; the National Forum of State Youth Managers; besides the associations of mayors. This composition was structured so that the actions are articulated in all governmental spheres (federal, state and municipal), which will contribute to the fact that the youth policy becomes, in fact, a State policy in Brazil.

The civil society, which is a majority in Conjuve, reflects the diversity of social actors that contribute to the enrichment of this dialogue. The Council has representatives of the youth movements, non-governmental organizations, experts and personalities with public recognition for the work they carry out in this area. The members of the Council range from members of the student movement to the network of young environmentalists; of young rural and urban workers to blacks, Indians and quilombolas; from young women to young entrepreneurs; of representatives of hip hop to members of religious organizations, among others.

The members of the Council are elected for a two-year term by direct election, and the posts of president and vice-president are alternated between government and civil society each year.


Via N1 - Praça dos Três Poderes - Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil

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