Founded on January 1, 1997


  • To co-ordinate, supervise and foster the activities of youth clubs, associations or organizations from grassroots to national level.
  • To be the sole register of Youth Associations in Zimbabwe.
  • To ensure the proper administration of youth clubs, associations or organizations.
  • To ensure youth participation in national and international youth activities through associations registered with the council.
  • To be the interface between the Government and the youth.
  • To undertake programmes designed to address youth developmental issues and needs i.e. social, economic, cultural and political needs.About
    ZYC an Institution dedicated to serve the young people of Zimbabwe through creating platfoms for youth empowerment and participationImpressum
    In Pursuit Of Youth Empowerment & ParticipationZimbabwe Youth Council is the mother body of all Youth Organizations in the country and its main responsibility is to advocate on behalf of the youths of Zimbab... See MoreAwards
    World Youth Award, 1st runner up.Products
  • Ensuring that membership of every such association is open to all clubs and schools that bona fide engage in the activity for which the association is responsible and are prepared to pay its dues and abide by its rules.
  • Ensuring that the rules and dues of such associations are such that no club or school is unable to become a member of the association so long as it bona fide engages in the activity for which the association is responsible.
  • Approving the annual estimates of such associations and receiving their audited annual accounts
  • Advising such associations of Government policy relating to youth and the manner in which they can assist the government in carrying out that policy.
  • Generally advising, assisting and supervising such associations.
  • It is apparent from the fore going functions and responsibilities that the emphasis/focus is on empowerment of youth through organized youth activities.

17 Nelson Mandela Ave, ( Cnr Park Street)6th Floor Coal House Harare, Zimbabwe

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